Insights Within Hse Regulations

May 02, 2017

[OSHA Hoisting and rigging safety]

Frequency of inspection Reflecting a more flexible and risk-based doctrine, LOLER offer employers two options for establishing the frequency of thorough examinations. The first and most common option is for examinations to take place at maximum fixed intervals: six months for equipment that is used for lifting people and accessories; and 12 months for other lifting lifting equipment hire equipment. Alternatively, a competent person can draw up an examination scheme, where intervals are based on the frequency and nature of use, the operating environment, and the rate at which a particular piece of equipment will deteriorate. Whatever approach is used, equipment should also be thoroughly examined in the event of exceptional circumstances that might adversely affect its safety, such as accidental damage or shock loading. It is also worth drawing attention to recommendations that have recently been made for the offshore and sub-sea sectors. In these industries, there is a number of additional risk factors that should be taken into account. The combination of salt water and air can clearly lead to accelerated corrosion of the component parts of lifting equipment, but this is far from the whole story. Other factors that can have a detrimental effect on the integrity of lifting devices employed offshore include: proximity to inflammable materials, flare stacks, or hot condensate lines; temperatures outside the 0-25C range; exposure to chemicals and acidic environments; restricted working space; and the additional dynamic loads imposed on lifting equipment by the movement of vessels and/or installations. As a result, it is advised that every block or hoist destined for such applications should be subject to a thorough examination before being put into service, and that intervals between future thorough examinations should be reduced to six months. Competence Experience of LOLER over the past ten years indicates that there is still considerable confusion surrounding the need for a competent person to undertake a thorough examination. Indeed, in the UK, there is no official licensing system for persons who undertake such work.

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